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Despite the frost

With the onset of the cold season, a revision of face and hair care products is inevitable, like a change of wardrobe. Recommendations of beauty experts.

Skin on the face

What's happening? Cold, wind and heaters disrupt the hydrolipid balance, destroy the protective barrier, and increase the sensitivity of the skin. As a result, symptoms of dehydration appear: a feeling of tightness, redness and irritation.

How to proceed. Replace the usual care products with those that will meet the new needs of the skin. The “right” winter ingredients should resist sensitivity, dryness, and have an antioxidant and anti-aging effect. Such properties are possessed by polysaccharides, which are obtained by purification of culinary yeast - CM-Glucan (glucans). This progressive ingredient can be found in night and day regenerating creams and moisturizing lotions. They also perfectly nourish facial skin care products with natural oils such as avocado or shea butter. For moisturizing, hyaluronic acid, squalane (derived from olive, wheat, rice oil) are suitable.


What's happening? Under the influence of winter factors, the lips become chapped, peeled and cracked. If you neglect daily care, evenly apply matte lipstick and even gloss will not work.

How to proceed. Use hygienic lipsticks and balms. They contain vegetable oils (for example, jojoba, shea butter, mango, beans), beeswax, as well as vitamins A, E, C, F, which, in addition to their nourishing and moisturizing effect, also have an antioxidant effect.


What's happening? The heating season dehydrates the hair, making it dry, dull and brittle. Hats accelerate root contamination and electrify. It is not surprising that hair begins to rapidly lose volume.

How to proceed. Special hair care products (serums, masks) with plant extracts and essential oils will be useful, which, simultaneously with moisturizing, cleanse and tone the scalp, helping to improve microcirculation. Bonuses - strengthening of hair follicles and activation of growth.

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