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The most anticipated premieres of 2021: announcements from the Oscar cinema

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«Godzilla vs. Kong»

Spectacular action from Warner Bros. Pictures, in which Kong and his defenders embark on a perilous journey in search of their true home. They are joined by the orphaned girl Jia, who has a strong emotional bond with Kong. Suddenly, on the way, they meet the enraged monster Godzilla, who wreaks havoc wherever he steps.

«Mortal Kombat»

At the heart of the tape is the game of the same name, which has millions of fans around the world. the film was produced by James Wang, a renowned director and producer of the Saw, Astral and The Conjuring film franchises. We are sure that the tape will appeal to fans of unexpected plot twists and dynamics in the frame.

The most anticipated premieres of 2021: announcements from the Oscar cinema

«Fast & Furious: Unstoppable Saga»

The most anticipated films of 2021 have been joined by the iconic franchise, which is returning to the big screen! Dominic Toretto lives a peaceful life with his wife and illegitimate son Brian. However, this harmony is broken when cyber terrorist Cypher decides to take revenge on Dominic for all his failures that happened through his fault. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Cypher uses the professional killer Jacob, Dominic's younger brother, in the role of "Queen".

«Paradise and the last dragon»

An incredible animated story from Disney tells the story of a brave warrior named Ryan and her faithful companion Tuk-Tuk. They will have to leave their native kingdom of Kumandra in order to find the last dragon in the world and, with its help, return hope of victory over a powerful enemy.

Spring premieres from Oscar: top 5

  • «Black Widow»
    Spring has prepared interesting film premieres of 2021, and the most important of them is Black Widow. There is no need for a detailed explanation of why it is worth going to the film about Natasha Romanoff. this is the most anticipated tape of this year, so it is better to buy tickets in advance, otherwise you may be left with nothing. In the meantime, we want to remind you why this particular film is worth your attention:
    • No Marvel Studios film has flopped at the box office.
    • After «Avengers: Endgame», the hearts of millions of moviegoers were broken, so chances are «Black Widow» will help all Marvel fans move away from «Endgame».
    • «Black Widow» is the first «full film», which opens the fourth phase of the MCU. the action takes place after the events in the film «The First Avenger: Civil War» and reveals the secrets of Natasha's past.
    • The cast of the film is such that one wants to cry with happiness: in addition to the incredible Scarlett Johansson, the film also stars David Harbor («Stranger Things»), Florence Pugh («Little Women»), Rachel Weisz («The Favorite», «Constantine», «Mummy»).
  • «Cruella»
    The full-length film will not repeat the plot of the cartoon «101 Dalmatians», but will become a prequel and show the formation of the character.
  • «007: No Time to Die»
    Bond decided to rest in Jamaica, but Felix Leiter finds him and tells the details of the disappearance of one scientist. Bond agrees to help.
  • «Dune»
    Duke Leto Atreides takes control of the desert planet Arrakis, a source of the most valuable substance that prolongs human life. Owning it guarantees world domination.
  • «Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through»
    A fantastic action movie based on the adventures of a team of anti-superheroes from the DC-Comics universe.

The film premieres of 2021, despite the difficult quarantine conditions for the industry and the whole world, are impressive in their brightness. Each of the films is interesting in its own way. Whichever of the new products in Ukraine you decide to go, with the «Oscar cinema» the cinema in the «Gulliver» shopping and entertainment center will become a real pleasure for you. The Gulliver shopping center is located in Pechersk in the center of Kiev, making it easy to get to: «the Palats Sport» and «Leo Tolstoy» metro stations are located nearby.

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