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Where to go with your family for the New Year holidays in Kiev?

Winter holidays are nice to spend with family and loved ones, but you don't have to stay at home! There are many thematic locations in the capital, where you can go in Kiev on weekends even with kids. Most of them open only in December, inviting children and adults who yearn for miracles to plunge into the atmosphere of real winter magic. We offer you a selection of the most interesting places and events — such entertainment in Kiev will appeal to all guests!

Winter fairs in Kiev

If you are interested in entertainment that allows you to relax with friends, young children or a loved one, pay attention to New Year's fairs - Kiev opens many such sites with the beginning of the holidays. In this article we have collected the best for you.

  • Fair on St. Sophia Square. It is here that the main Christmas tree of the country is installed, around which a wonderful shopping area unfolds. Here you can not only try winter goodies, buy decor, but also watch nativity performances, make memorable shots against the background of bright photo zones. Not all New Year's fairs offer such colorful and diverse locations, Kiev in 2022 arranges an installation dedicated to the birth of Jesus on Sofiyevka.
  • Fair on Kontraktova Square. There is also a large Christmas tree, around which the New Year's fair will be located - Kiev has been offering concerts, attractions, and an ice rink to the guests of Kontraktova Square for several years. Kids will be able to make a wish at St. Nicholas. In total, an entertainment area of 10,000 square meters will be provided for guests.

  • Fair from ZELENA. In the main atrium of the Gulliver shopping center from December 1 to January 7, you can see and pick up New Year's decor: artificial Christmas trees, beautiful toys and garlands, gift figurines. What to do for the New Year, if not to decorate the house with bright and stylish details?
  • Cosmic-New Year's Fair on the Sports Square (m. "Palace of Sports"). Here guests will find a forest of Christmas trees, a photo zone based on the cartoon "Sing!", delicious treats and many other entertainments. But the main location will be a geodome, inside which a 360° laser show will be broadcast. Guests will be able to go on a virtual trip to Lapland, see the Northern lights. Also, a festive 3D show will be broadcast daily on the screens of the nearby Gulliver shopping center. On December 19, the film "The Adventures of St. Nicholas" will be shown here, after which guests will be able to meet St. Nicholas himself with a full bag of gifts. The location is open from December 18 to January 28. 
  • Christmas fair on the 4th floor of the Gulliver shopping center. If you haven't decided where to go on the weekend, Kiev offers a lot of options. The fair, which takes place from December 16 to January 5, will give every guest a festive mood! Here you can buy author's souvenirs, handmade toys, sweets, decor.

Other entertainment locations

  • Osokor Winter Residence. If you don't know where to go for the New Year 2022, Kiev offers to embark on magical adventures based on the Harry Potter books! Here you can warm up in the cafe "Three brooms", attend master classes and winter attractions in the alley "Oblique Alley", ride the ice rink, take a lot of great photos. Such a trip will appeal not only to children, but also to adult fans of the magical universe who have not waited for a letter from Hogwarts.
  • "Winter outside the city". If you are not bound by a rigid time frame, and you have not yet decided where to go for the New Year, go to the Dobropark entertainment complex near the village of Motyzhin. Here you can ride from a huge snow slide and on various attractions. The territory is decorated with about 50 themed figures 5-8 m high. But there is another reason to decide where to go in Kiev for the New Year, in favor of "Winter outside the city"! Guests can make a cherished wish to the wizard Dobro Charu, who is helped by the elves of the Good.

  • "Winter Country" at VDNH. This is one of the most "long—playing" winter locations in the city - it will be open from December 11 to March 6. A lot of attractions, more than 20 special locations and a huge ice rink allow you to make the right choice if you still don't know where to go in Kiev for the New Year 2022! Here, time flies imperceptibly and is fun, so you can spend the whole day at the VDNH locations.

Shows and theatrical performances

Where to go with your child during the New Year holidays to make it interesting? There is nothing better than special holiday shows!

  • "Cyber Santa. Another dimension." A great multi-dimensional show for young and adult fans of computer games. There is no auditorium here, and guests go straight to the stage to take an active part in the theatrical action. This is a great choice if you are looking for a place to go in Kiev for the New Year holidays 2022 with a child. Here you will find extraordinary visual special effects, modern music, acrobatic tricks and professional actors.
  • "The Nutcracker 3D". High technology and innovative approach to the production will allow you to see the classic story in 3D. A fascinatingly beautiful extravaganza with circus elements and visual special effects looks stunningly interesting, gives another reason to visit Kiev during the winter holidays — where to go for the New Year in the capital, you can decide thanks to our digest.

Don't forget about the cinemas, where festive films will be shown throughout December and January! This is not a complete overview of the New Year's program, which awaits residents and guests of the city. A large selection of locations and activities turns even an ordinary walk around the city into a fabulous journey. But if you want to spend the weekend especially interesting, be sure to plan an entertainment program in advance. Even if there are no tickets for family shows on sale, you can always visit festive locations with free entrance, as well as shopping malls in the center of Kiev.


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