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The 12 Best New Year and Christmas movies of All Time

It is impossible to imagine winter holidays without watching thematic films. They raise eternal themes: kindness, acceptance, generosity, love and, of course, magic. You can argue about which holiday films are the best, make long lists and personal ratings. We have picked up the top New Year's movies and cartoons, among which it is easy to find a plot for every taste!

These are real masterpieces that have already become classics of the genre. But to see new New Year's stories from all over the world, it's worth visiting the Oscar cinema during the winter holidays!

The best New Year and Christmas films

  1. "Edward Scissorhands." Perhaps the best New Year's film directed by Tim Burton. Although the movie is not dedicated to Christmas miracles, winter decorations, ideas of understanding and tolerance make it an excellent choice for viewing during the holidays.

  2. "Polar Express". If you are interested in New Year's movies for the whole family, this animated film will definitely be to your taste. This is a story about how important faith in miracles is in life, and that it is not necessary to forget about magic when becoming an adult.

  3. "The Grinch is the thief of Christmas." A cheerful New Year's movie starring Jim Carrey tells about the antics of a green creature who hates winter celebrations from the bottom of his heart. Will this story have a happy ending?

  4. "Bad Santa". Speaking about New Year's comedy films, it is impossible to leave this bright movie without mentioning. The main character gets a job every year as Santa Claus for the sake of robbing department stores. But there was a child who believed even in such a "winter wizard".

  5. "Four Christmases". The story of how a couple of lovers decides to visit each of their divorced parents on Christmas Eve. The heroes are waiting for a lot of difficult situations and touching moments.

  1. "Elf". Such New Year's movies conquer with a sweet touching plot. One day an orphan boy got to Santa and his elves, who took care of the education of the crumbs. But now the child has grown up, and he wanted to find a real father.

  2. "This wonderful life." When choosing the best New Year's movies for yourself, be sure to pay attention to this magical movie. The main character of the film on the eve of the holidays is on the verge of suicide, but an angel appears to him to show how important every person's life is.

  3. "A Christmas present." Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the main and completely atypical role for him in this family movie. A family man spends the day looking for a toy for his little son. But on the way to the cherished gift, many trials await him. How will the hero be able to get the promised toy, and is it so important to create a close relationship with the child?

  4. "A Christmas Story". Listing New Year's films, the list of which is simply huge, it is impossible not to mention at least one film adaptation of the story of Ch. Dickens' A Christmas Carol in Prose. This is another reminder of how important kindness, responsiveness, compassion are during the holidays and not only.

  5. "While you were sleeping." A romantic movie about how a combination of circumstances can lead the characters into the arms of true love. Even tragic events can turn into happiness for all participants.

  6. "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka". If you like Christmas fairy tales movies, do not forget about the classic movie based on the story of N. Gogol. The story of the blacksmith Vakul and his adventures is imbued with humor, magic and Cossack prowess.

  7. "Klaus." The selection of New Year's movies will be complete only if you include this touching animated film about the friendship of a postman and a lonely hermit. The mysterious elder begins to give handmade toys to city children, and the viewer learns the difficult story of his life.

The collection of Christmas films should definitely be supplemented with your favorite films that evoke warm feelings, evoke a festive mood and invariably accompany a family celebration! Do not forget that every year thematic creations of the best modern directors appear on the big screens. Many of these films are really worthy of attention, because they are played out in the scenery of modern life.


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