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Preparing the house for the New Year: holiday decor ideas

Home decoration is one of the most pleasant things to do on New Year's Eve. The rooms are transformed before our eyes, filled with a festive mood, an atmosphere of joy and magic. But what if last year's tinsel no longer fits into the interior, does not look solemn enough? Go to popular interior and decor stores! And so that shopping is guaranteed to be successful, focus on the latest New Year trends in interior design.

How to decorate a Christmas tree?

The New Year's decor of the house begins with a Christmas tree. Today, the trend towards conscious consumption, environmental friendliness and ethics is more relevant than ever, which affects the choice of a forest beauty. If you want to fill the house with the unique aroma of live needles, choose a tree from a special nursery. After the holidays, it will be possible to take it to the zoo for animal feed.

An artificial Christmas tree is considered more practical, but saving on it is not recommended. High-quality wood will be beautiful and resistant to fire, while cheap plastic in combination with an electric garland can provoke a fire.

In the new year 2022, designers recommend giving preference to a laconic decor. The trend is white glass balls and toys made of natural materials (wood, vine, felt, cones, craft paper, twine). You can also add golden accents and a bright LED garland. You should refrain from rain and tinsel – they look cheap.

Decorating the windows

The drawings on the windows will instantly light up a festive mood in your soul, and not only for you, but also for random passers-by. Use Christmas decorations for the house in the form of graceful snowflakes, funny snowmen and fawns. You can cut them out of paper yourself or buy a set of ready-made stickers. You can also decorate the windows by placing mini Christmas trees, festive candles and figurines on the windowsill. Do not forget about the hanging decor in the form of birds, paper or coniferous garlands.

Decorate the ceiling and walls

Don't you want Christmas decorations to hide the useful space in the house? Then place them on the walls, chandelier and just on the ceiling. Stars, snowflakes are easy to cut out of colored paper with your own hands. On the chandelier you can hang small Christmas balls on bright ribbons, decorative beads. The walls will sparkle with new colors if you use New Year's decor for the house in the form of garlands and wreaths of artificial needles, picturesque twigs. A homemade installation in the form of a ladder or a tree will become a convenient basis for colored LEDs, Christmas tree toys.

We decorate tables, cabinets, dressers

How easy it is to decorate a house for the New Year if you assemble a thematic composition yourself! Tables and other horizontal surfaces can be decorated with a bouquet of coniferous branches and miniature toys, a topiary in the form of a Christmas tree, shiny candlesticks with aromatic candles (chocolate, cinnamon, ginger), crafts with tiger symbols.

A wreath of cones, fir twigs, tinsel, thread, cones will look especially original — choose the option to your taste. It can be used instead of a dish for tangerines, gingerbread, sweets. Don't forget about the festive tablecloth!

Do you want a feeling of magic? Then fill transparent glass jars, vases with electric garlands and arrange them around the house! For these purposes, it is most convenient to take battery-powered LED products: they practically do not heat up and absolutely do not depend on the power grid. Large jars with voluminous garlands that give a lot of light can be used as decorative lamps. 

Decorating the fireplace for the New Year

When deciding how to decorate a house for the New Year, many of us remember movies that show cozy houses with fireplaces. But even if you live in an apartment and are deprived of such a luxurious element of the interior, it is easy to equip it with your own hands! It will turn out to be a fake fireplace, which we will decorate. Traditional coniferous garlands look beautiful. They can be covered with artificial snow, decorated with small cones and toys.

It will be a little easier to make paper garlands by stringing bows, flags, paper-cut snowflakes, decorative gift boxes. The main highlight will be bright socks, which are usually filled with sweets and small presents.

Choosing how to decorate a house for the New Year 2021, do not restrain your imagination! The inspiration for such a creative process can be original design solutions from magazines and the Internet.


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