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What to give a girl on February 14: the best ideas for a holiday

A romantic surprise is a mandatory attribute of Valentine's Day! Do not forget to please your beloved with a nice gift and a special date. In order for the present to please your chosen one, it is worth paying attention to her dreams, desires and plans long before the holiday. But if the question of a Valentine's Day gift remains unresolved, use ready-made ideas!

Choosing a gift for a girl for Valentine's Day


Most of the fair sex are attentive to appearance and image, so useful accessories will be an excellent choice for February 14.

1. Gloves. Give preference to an elegant leather model or a stylish youth pair, to which the touch screen of the smartphone reacts. Or maybe your soulmate needs new gloves for snowboarding for a long time? 

2. Shawl or stole. The gift can be used as a scarf or draped over your shoulders in a cold room. Choose a product made of warm, delicate materials: wool, cashmere, mohair, viscose.

3. A handbag. A high-quality branded product is the best thing you can give a girl on February 14. Choosing a model requires knowledge of the tastes and preferences of the chosen one.

You can also pick up a belt with a fashionable buckle, a wristwatch, a fitness bracelet, and other accessories. It all depends on your budget and the preferences of a loved one.


It can be an exquisite piece of jewelry or elegant costume jewelry. The main thing is high quality and compliance with the tastes of your chosen one. In a jewelry store there is always something to surprise a girl on Valentine's Day.

1. Ring. This is a pleasant surprise, the main thing is that your chosen one does not take it as a hint. Choose products in casual style, but do not forget about trends. You can always find out which rings are in fashion today from the assortment of leading brands. For example, visit the website and store of the Ukrainian jewelry house SOVA Jewels. 

2. Earrings. If you are not sure about the style, take a laconic model with an English lock or classic carnations that will fit everything.

3. The comb. The owner of long hair will be pleased to receive an accessory made of valuable wood, inlaid with metal or stones.

Is it difficult to choose from such a variety? Then take a closer look at the headsets: the set will look presentable, and the girl will not have to puzzle over what to wear the pendant or bracelet received separately.

Certificates and tickets

If it's hard to think of what to give a girl on February 14, let her choose the present herself! Give a certificate to a lingerie, clothing or beauty products store. There is a lot of space for imagination here. Perhaps it doesn't look as romantic as a surprise picked up by yourself, but your girl will receive a really necessary gift: underwear or women's clothing will definitely fit, and the cosmetic bag will be replenished with the means of her favorite brands. For you, it's a chance to remember for the future what she likes. You can also present a paid master class with a free date, tickets to a concert or theater.

Sweet present

If your sweetheart has a sweet tooth who likes to eat delicious desserts, it's easy to decide what you can give a girl on February 14!

1. A set of macaroni cakes with . A delicious and bright delicacy in a beautiful aesthetic box will certainly please your chosen one and will be an excellent addition to a tea party.

2. A box of Belgian/Swiss chocolate, German marzipan. A sophisticated gift for a connoisseur of really delicious desserts.

3. A set of exotic fruits. Assemble the gift box yourself or buy a ready-made version. In any case, it's better to go to a specialty store, not a supermarket.

How to present a gift on February 14

Unusual gifts should be presented correctly. Accompany the present with a postcard with recognition and a small bouquet. Forget about banal solutions: if your soulmate does not collect plush toys, figurines or cups, it is better to refrain from such gifts. Otherwise, they will become dust collectors on shelves and in cabinets. Even if the budget is small, you can always find something to give to your beloved on February 14, while maintaining an original approach.

Avoid giving purely utilitarian things, such as kitchen appliances or utensils. Such things are too practical, so they should not become gifts. Also, give up presents that can become an offensive hint: a certificate for the courses "How to become feminine", participation in a weight loss marathon, etc. Pick up gifts with a soul, listen to the wishes of your beloved, then Valentine's Day will be unforgettable!


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