NYX Professional Makeup

NYX Professional Makeup is a modern, digitally native makeup brand on the forefront of today’s emerging beauty trends. A leader in the global color cosmetics industry, NYX Professional Makeup is an affordable professional makeup line with every shade, color and tool needed to create makeup artistry at every level.

NYX Professional Makeup is known for its wide range, which includes more than 2,000 different products - accessories and products for professional make-up. Collections of NYX Professional Makeup cosmetics are updated several times a year, so consumers will always be in the trend of the latest make up news.

Rooted in a professional artistry heritage, NYX Professional Makeup boasts a successful multi-channel approach at the forefront of digital and retail. A social media pioneer, NYX Professional Makeup is one of the most influential and top-ranked brands, and is followed by top beauty vloggers, Instagram stars, and their millions of fans. 

NYX Professional Makeup was founded in 1999 in Los Angeles and is named after the ancient Greek goddess Nyx, symbolizing beauty and creativity.