Decor El Home

Decor el Home - a shop for real housewives, connoisseurs of coziness and home warmth. Design sets of dishes, household products, decor elements and small cute items for the interior fascinate with their delights. The assortment of the store is represented by the brands Creative Tops and Ashedene and has a unique embodiment of aesthetics. The boutique Décor el home offers ready-made sets for serving a banquet table and a buffet table for any event. Also here it will be possible to find sets of fragrances for the house, magnificent gifts and all kinds of thematic things that will underline your taste and style of your house.

Shop Decor El Home 2 floor Decor el Home - designer dishes and companion for the kitchen, aroma for home, and such decor for home and gift Shop Gipfel 0 floor German company Gipfel has been developing and producing hi-tech models of high-quality and environment-friendly cookware for many years. Our goal is to inspire customers to create fine cuisine, to simplify their cooking process as much as possible, to add warmth and comfort to their homes, and fill their days with new flavors.  Thanks to the efforts of our professional team we cope well with such tasks. All products are user-friendly and provide impressive performance. Each model is well-designed and meets the standards and requirements of customers.Not only professional chefs but also ordinary customers, who appreciate the joy of the unique taste and aroma of delicious dishes at home, choose our goods.  Enjoy the no muss, no fuss morning cup of coffee with a homemade croissant or a festal dinner by Gipfel. We offer a wide range of tableware which makes simple and exquisite dishes easy to cook and make any culinary dream come true. Discover our pots, pans, professional cooking utensils and a lot more! Shop Teplo Candle Shop 2 floor Our name is Teplo Candle Shop. And we are the people who make candles. Teplo is the embodiment of emotion in a hand-assembled candle. From and to people who are willing to give and receive. This is a big idea of two girls who grew up in their own production. Shop MUZA HOME 4 floor MUZA HOME - high-quality home goods, luxury bedding, sleeping decor and products for sleeping.The company "MUZA HOME" was founded in 2011. It works with elite houses of the textile industry, if you value quality and style, then this is just the store that you need. A close-knit, energetic team, keen on their work, will pick up decor options for you, and will also help you create an atmosphere of home warmth and coziness. Trained specialists of the company provide information on the issue of choice, the quality of the goods offered, as well as on the specifics and model range of fashion trends in this area.