"CLEAN" dry cleaning services

Chisto dry cleaning offers you a full range of professional services for the care of your wardrobe, carpets, bedding and interior items. We always keep up with the times, always move forward, improve, become more professional than yesterday and more skillful than today.

The advantages of dry cleaning include:

In step with the times: the company uses the latest technologies, certified productive chemistry and materials;

"Clean" - ECOLOGICALLY Clean: one of the first to introduce Eco Cleaning with the revolutionary Green Earth and SoftWash technologies, which do not use petroleum products and are absolutely ecological.

"CLEAN" dry cleaning services are constant care for your favorite things, the opportunity to use them for a long time, regardless of whether it is a designer dress with precious elements or a leather product or your child's favorite T-shirt. After all, good dry cleaning refreshes the beauty of things. Thanks to this approach, in a short period of time the Clean Cleaning Network has taken a leading position in the western region and can boast of regular customers who have become our friends for a long time.

Leave the trouble to us - let you have time for pleasure. :)