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Italian RESTO MONTH at Mercato Italiano

In April, Mercato Italiano restaurant offers a special Resto Month set of Italian flavors with delivery!

According to the rules of the festival, the cost of the set is 400 UAH per soup, main course and drink.

Mercato Italiano set consists of:

1. Seafood soup «Zuppa di mare»- 350 g

2. Pizza with meat - 470 g

3. Whiskey The Singleton of Dufftown 12 years - 40 ml.⠀

The RESTO MONTH offer is available during the whole April, you can use it an unlimited number of times on the website and in the Telegram channel RESTOweekUA.

In each set you will find a cocktail chip from a partner - The Singleton single malt whiskey. As soon as quarantine is over, you can exchange the chip for the drink offered in the set.

Delivery is carried out by Uklon taxi service or by self-delivery from the restaurant.

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