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Raiding: BFC Gulliver's Statement on the Transfer of its Main Asset to ARMA Management

Today, June 3rd, the Shevchenkivskyi District Court of Kyiv granted the motion of the prosecutor from the Office of the Prosecutor General and ordered the transfer of the Gulliver multifunctional complex to ARMA management. The defense side of the multifunctional complex considers this decision to be a gross violation of both procedural and substantive law. We believe that this decision was made not based on the actual circumstances of the case, but due to probable pressure on the judges. In fact, this is a hostile takeover of the business facilitated by law enforcement and security agencies.

The transfer of the Gulliver asset to ARMA management not only casts doubt on the independence and impartiality of the country's judicial system but also harms the state budget. Under such a decision, payments to state banks on loans will be suspended, amounting to approximately 40 million hryvnias per month. The management of the Gulliver multifunctional complex will continue to defend its position within the legal framework in the Court of Appeal.

Among our key arguments are:

- Gross violation of procedural rules, as the Shevchenkivskyi Court decided to transfer the asset to ARMA, contrary to the Court of Appeal's decision to arrest the property, which did not establish any possibility of transferring the complex.

- Disproportion between the value of the Gulliver multifunctional complex and the amount of allegedly unpaid taxes. Furthermore, there is no debt owed by the company to the State Tax Service of Ukraine.

- The real threat to the fulfillment of obligations to state banks, leading to a shortfall of additional funds in the state budget.

We want to emphasize that our business continues to operate under the conditions of a full-scale war, providing jobs, paying taxes, and creating quality service for partners and visitors. We will do everything possible to return the property to its rightful ownership.

We responsibly work in partnership with over 250 international and domestic companies, who are our tenants, and for more than 10 years, we have professionally managed the complex and provided services to tens of thousands of people daily. The Gulliver multifunctional complex will continue to operate as usual, fulfilling its obligations to the state, clients, and visitors.

Additionally, we inform you that LLC "TRI O," which owns and manages the Gulliver multifunctional complex, has paid over 620 million UAH in taxes since 2019. LLC "TRI O" fulfills its obligations to state banks: JSC "Oschadbank" and JSC "Ukreximbank." In 2023, over 300 million UAH was paid towards loan obligations to these banks, and the planned repayment amount for 2024 exceeds 700 million UAH.

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