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BROCARD introduced the decorative cosmetics Giorgio Armani Beauty

In September 2018 in the network of perfumery and cosmetics stores BROCARD launched the meikap line of the legendary Italian fashion brand Giorgio Armani - cosmetics Giorgio Armani Beauty appeared in BROCARD in the mall Gulliver.

The cultured premium cosmetics Giorgio Armani Beauty in BROCARD is represented by a full range of brand products: famous tonal bases with the effect of a weightless veil and other means for the perfect face tone (primers, consilers, highlighter, compact and friable powder, blush), lipsticks and glosses for lips, eye beauty products (shadows, mascara, pencils, liners, eyebrows), as well as a wide range of professional makeup brushes. The Armani Runway collection is also available in the corner, which allows you to recreate the catwalk at home.

The world fashion house Giorgio Armani has been manufacturing cosmetics for 18 years. During this time the specialists of the unique own laboratory of the brand - Runway Lab - have made many discoveries in the world of beauty and have become one of the leaders in the development of innovative cosmetic products. A wide range of shades, delicate textures and complex formulas of Giorgio Armani products provide the most natural make-up. Decorative cosmetics from Giorgio Armani are recognized by make-up artists all over the world, and all means are as easy to use as possible.

"The appearance of Giorgio Armani Beauty is a real event. Our clients have been waiting for the legendary brand for a long time, and we are happy to finally introduce this world of makeup luxury to BROCARD, - commented the director for strategic development of Brocard-Ukraine Elena Lada. "We plan to expand the presence of the brand in the network, so in the near future Giorgio Armani Beauty will appear in other BROCARD stores."

To acquaint customers BROCARD with Giorgio Armani Beauty brand will be professional make-up artists - certified face-designers of the brand who work on the Armani corners on a permanent basis.

In October and November, the thematic make-up days in BROCARD will be held in the Gulliver shopping center, where the experts of the brand Giorgio Armani and a group of makeup artists will help to choose the right funds and tell about the techniques and secrets of application, and the buyers of Giorgio Armani Beauty products will be able to receive gifts:

  • Face Animation - tonal means: 16.10 - 10/28/2018
  • Lips Animation - means for the lips: 26.11 - 2.12.2018


About company:

Brokard-Ukraine ( is the largest operator of the perfume and cosmetics market of Ukraine in the luxury segment (BROCARD, Kiehl's and MA.S. brands, online store The company has 95 stores in 25 cities of Ukraine, more than 1,700 employees and more than 1,300,000 regular customers. There are more than 350 brands of premium cosmetics, perfumes, skin and hair care, beauty accessories and more than 60 niche perfume houses in the chain stores.

Brokard-Ukraine represents only original products - the company works exclusively with official representations and brand suppliers in Ukraine and guarantees the quality and authenticity of all products of the network.

In 2017, the total turnover of the network amounted to 3.5 billion UAH., The company received the "Choice of the Year" award and was recognized as the best employer of Ukraine in the category "Trade" according to the magazine "Focus".

For more information, please contact:

Ekaterina Gulenok,

Head of PR Department

Tel .: 38 044 247 66 78

Mob .: 38 067 401 42 3

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