Discounts on a circle: -15% / - 25% for the whole assortment * ISEI from 05/12 to 11/12 - news from SEC Gulliver

Discounts on a circle: -15% / - 25% for the whole assortment * ISEI from 05/12 to 11/12

-15% / - 25%. And again -15% and -25%. And so in a circle!

Discounts for each item - the longer the check, the more discounts!

The cascade starts: get -15% for the first position in the check, add a second product to the basket and get another -25%!

Take a look at the ISEI beauty market or online store from 05/12 to 11/12 and collect your December discount!

How it works?

The cascade of discounts is a unique sales scheme in which everyone can participate. The main condition is to purchase goods presented on the shelves of ISEI *.

What is the discount when buying:

1 product - a discount of -15% of the cost;

2 goods - a more expensive item will receive a discount of 15%, a cheaper one will be credited with -25%;

3 products and more - the system will automatically calculate the size of discounts for each position!

Sale Assortment

The promotion * involves the popular products of the ISEI beauty market and the ISEI online store. Let's get ready for the New Year together:

· Fabric express facial masks will help restore healthy skin, narrow pores and eliminate peeling in just a few procedures;

· Korean shampoos and conditioners give hair shine and silkiness;

· Natural decorative cosmetics will bring new colors and textures to your make;

· Household chemicals can easily cope with capital cleaning on the eve of the holidays!

ISEI: shine, impress, inspire!

* In addition to the brands Moony, ELIZAVECCA, Merries, Schwarzkopf, mineral non-carbonated water ISEI 0.5l.

** The promotion is valid in all ISEI stores from 12/05/2019 to 12/12/2019 and on the ISEI website from 12/05/2019 to 12/11/2019. During the campaign period, automatically calculated discounts from -15% (for more expensive products) to -25% (for cheaper products) for the selected assortment will apply. For details of the promotion and a detailed list of products participating in the promotion, check with the sellers-consultants of the ISEI store or check out the ISEI website.

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