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Wide trousers: what to wear them with

Flared trousers, culottes, a palazzo, a hakama made from plain fabrics and with patterns, long to the floor and shortened models have been at the peak of popularity for several seasons. We have collected the most relevant trends for the summer 2020 season and will talk about them in this article. Enjoy.

What type of figure are wide pants suitable for?

Wide trousers emphasize advantages and perfectly hide flaws. Such trousers will give an extra volume to the little ones, and the little ones will help hide the fullness of the hips and legs. A belt and high rise will tighten a small tummy, and trousers to the floor in combination with a heel will make you slimmer and add growth.

Wide trousers are appropriate in the office, for a walk around the city, social events or gatherings with friends. We list the most popular models of this summer.

Palazzo - trousers with legs wide from the hip and a pronounced arrow (or without it). Thanks to the special cut, they successfully hide any imperfections in the legs, so they will suit both a tall slender girl and a lady of medium height with seductive shapes.

Pantaloons - pants with a high or medium rise with fairly wide trousers below the knee. With the correct length and width of the legs, such a model visually reduces the hips, but at the same time “cuts” the growth. In order not to seem lower, stylists recommend complementing the image with a high heel.

Hakama - extravagant pants that came into fashion from Japanese culture and resembling the lower part of the traditional samurai costume. A distinctive feature of the model is the widest legs, high waist and many pleats, which visually makes them look like a fluffy skirt. If you are the owner of a slender figure, complete your wardrobe with cropped models to the middle of the calf, as well as long ones to the ankle. Cultures that resemble the lower part of a traditional costume

The best types of fabrics for wide trousers

The fabric of summer trousers should be thin, but it is good to keep in shape. Depending on which “mission” culottes and sails carry out in your image, the type of fabric, color and pattern will depend. If you want to hide the imperfections of the figure, choose pants made of dark dense fabrics: lightweight wool, linen, denim. To demonstrate the advantages, wear trousers made of flowing and light materials of light or bright colors: viscose, knitwear, silk or cotton.

Summer lightweight flared trousers - who is it for

90s fashion is back. The hippie style and flared pants are again at the peak of popularity and occupy the top lines of fashion ratings. Models with a high waist will help to hide a small tummy and give the figure an hourglass shape. Pants that expand from the knee will adjust the proportions of the legs with full hips, shifting the emphasis to the lower part of the leg. A 3/4 length style, the flare of which ends on the lower leg, will make the hips slimmer and lengthen the legs.

Wide trousers under the top - a stylish look for every day

Pants and top - a great combination for every day. To feel comfortable, do not overload the image with unnecessary elements. Pants with colorful prints look perfect with a plain black or white top, chiffon blouse or shirt. When drawing up the image, consider the following: if the pants expand from the hip, it is better to choose a shortened top, and if it is elongated from the knee.

Wide leg pants colors

Not only a successful cut, but also a properly selected color can visually reduce large hips, make slimmer legs fuller and add growth. Trousers to the floor are perfectly slender (trouser-leg covering the back of the shoe) with geometric patterns, floral patterns, stripes of various widths. The main rule: the print should be placed vertically and not be too large, otherwise the effect will be the opposite.

For this summer season, any shades of the sea wave (turquoise, blue, deep blue), classic black with white or bright prints, sand and caramel shades, any warm colors (terracotta, yellow, orange) are suitable.

The list of stores in the Gulliver shopping center with such models

Brand stores of the Gulliver shopping and entertainment center, located in the Pechersky district of Kiev, invite you to shop.

  • Bershka is a trademark created for self-confident young people who want to emphasize their freedom and originality. The brand offers stylish culottes with floral prints, satin and pleated trousers, flared from the knee model of the basic colors.  
  • Uterque - a gourmet apparel and accessories store offers vibrant culottes with buckles, as well as wide pants made of light flowing fabrics, complemented by stylish straps and golden chains.  
  • Max Mara Weekend - the boutique has included in the new collection luxurious wide trousers made of poplin, natural silk and viscose, which underline with your every detail your personality, status and respectability.

Also do not forget to visit MOHITO, NAF NAF, MustHave and other fashion stores of the Gulliver shopping center.


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