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With what to wear a sweater to look stylish and bright?

It's hard to imagine an autumn-winter women's wardrobe without a sweater. This is a practical, without exaggeration, universal piece of clothing that will fit into any image: from business to street style and sportswear. With what to wear a sweater to emphasize the dignity of the figure and always look stylish? Today we will analyze the basic everyday combinations!

A sweater in combination with jeans or trousers

Skinny jeans, skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings are the best answer to the question of what to wear an oversize sweater with. It can be a stylish raglan or an "amorphous" model with a lowered sleeve. With a solid white, black, dark blue bottom, sweaters of saturated shades, fashionable in 2021-2022, are perfectly combined: yellow, mustard, gray, terracotta, white, dark green. With "momses", "boyfriends", not too voluminous models look good: shortened or medium length. A thin sweater to the middle of the thigh, tucked in front, will also look spectacular. This will visually lengthen the legs, elongate the figure.

Are your favorite women's clothes trousers? A business style will complement a knitted top in pastel shades, a casual look will be good in contrasting solutions, for example, beige trousers and a green sweater. Narrowed or simply narrow trousers allow the use of an oversize top. If you want to add elegance to the office image, choose monochrome sweaters, models decorated with beads, pearls.

Sweater combined with skirts and dresses

If you are wondering how to wear an oversize sweater, pay attention to tight skirts. It can be a strict office "pencil" or a playful mini model made of leather. In the latter case, the smooth surface of the material favorably emphasizes the beauty of the textured sweater. With skirts in a fold, flared or corrugated, a voluminous shortened top, thin knitted blouses tucked into the belt looks good.

Do you want to play on contrasts? Then choose a large-knit sweater in combination with a satin skirt or a dress in a linen style. It looks romantic, sophisticated, refined. To visually stretch the figure, wear high-heeled boots or ankle boots to this outfit. To add playfulness to such an image, you can choose a sweater of a bright color, with an unusual pattern / print. Knitted models with ties, slits, an open back or lowered shoulders look very feminine. Sweaters with flared or voluminous bell sleeves will help to place interesting accents.

Useful tips from stylists

  • Tight knitted blouses and sweaters are a thing of the past. If you want to emphasize the waist, choose a not too voluminous knitted top in combination with a belt. It can also be tucked into trousers or a skirt: thin - completely, thicker - only in front.
  • Combine a voluminous top only with a form-fitting bottom and vice versa. This rule applies regardless of trendy trends. Otherwise, you risk shifting the proportions of the silhouette, visually increasing the figure by 1-2 sizes. If the question of what to wear a voluminous sweater with an elongated cut is difficult to solve, make a choice in the direction of tights! An improvised warm dress will not make you fat, it will add elegance.
  • Do you want to look slim? Choose models no longer than mid-thigh. This rule does not apply to slim girls and owners of a model figure. Too voluminous products are also able to noticeably plump, so it is better to choose options without large braids, pompoms, wide turn-down collars.
  • Knitted cardigans, models with bat and 3/4 sleeves never go out of fashion.
  • When tucking into a skirt or trousers, leave an affectation. It will provide freedom of movement, create a more relaxed image.
  • The edge of the knitted product should not go beyond the boundaries of outerwear. The exception is combinations with denim jackets, leather jackets, warm vests.

The oversize sweater popular this season with what to wear is up to you, and the suggested recommendations will help you always keep up with the world fashion! These simple rules are universal, it remains only to find a knitted or knitted top in accordance with current trends.


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