Visa Center

8 floor

A new department of the Visa Application Centre in the TEC Gulliver will help you to receive up-to-date information about a procedure of getting visa, get acquainted with the list of required documents, to register submission of documents for visa issuance. Managers of the department will provide you with information and will answer any questions, connected with the process of visa application for traveling abroad, its terms and cost. The department of the Visa Application Centre is an official representative of the embassy of accepting and processing a package of documents necessary for visa application.

Countries for which you can apply for visas:

1. Austria
2. Bolgaria
3. Germany
4. The Netherlands
5. Greece
6. Denmark
7. Canada (since 16.10)
8. Lithuania
9. Norveny
10. Poland
11. Slovenia
12. Finland
13. France (since 16.10)
14. Croatia
15. Czech Republic
16. Sweden
17. Estonia
18. Thailand
19. Cyprus
20. India
21. Japan
22. Turkmenistan
23. New Zealand
24. Turkey (for foreigners)
25. Hong Kong


Mon-Fri                        Visa Center of Poland and Norway
8:30-15:30                   8:30-16:30
day off

A complete list of phones can be downloaded here.