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Dirt the whole world!

Lilit Sargsyan is the founder of the brand llllT Sarkisian and the showroom of gifts and clothes with copyright prints LILIT ART STORE, a commercial illustrator, artist. He works with many well-known brands, draws them to order. She founded the trend of wall painting in Ukraine.

The main goal of Lilith is to drive the whole world.

Lilith herself says of herself: “I am an artist and illustrator who managed to bring art to a commercial level. I draw for major brands and opened my own store with copyright prints, which has no analogues. I want everyone to be able to purchase original designer products at the price of a mass market.”

Many European publications write about Lilith. She was nominated by the International Committee of the World Bloggers Awards for the Golden Like Award for "The Best Art Blogger in Europe." Participated in Milan Fashion Week as part of POP UP @fashionweekonline.

We are glad to introduce you to a little girl - a decorator of the world who believes that art in everyday life can make us all a little happier!

The Tll Sarkisian brand is represented in 7 countries of the world, in 30 points throughout Ukraine.

Corner llllT Art Store, 2nd floor, Gulliver Shopping Center.

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