Graduation is a small wedding. Long preparation for the event takes time and effort, but in return gives unforgettable emotions. If the items “dress”, “make-up” and “hairstyle” are already ticked off, it is important not to forget about the perfect underwear. That it will become the invisible part, the presence of which will make the image complete and accurate.

Luxurious body - confidence in every movement

Body - the best option for tight dresses: such underwear does not hold down movements, gives maximum comfort and does not slip at the most inopportune moment.

Lovable beige bodysuit is a mix of versatility and luxury. Smooth microfiber with glitter does not give out its presence on the body, and removable bones allow you to choose a comfortable degree of support. A model with a lace from Princesse Tam-Tam will become indispensable if the dress has a V-shaped neckline and deep armholes, with which a regular bra will be noticeable. If, in addition to invisibility, slight body shaping is also important, for this there are combicort and a dress with a dragging effect - Ultimate Slimmer knows a lot about creating the perfect silhouette.

Bando and transforming bras - elegance without unnecessary details

The Wonderbra strapless model should be in every girl, and even more so in a graduate. The stunningly smooth fabric and anatomical shape of the bra make it a “second skin”. Balconies from Chantelle with detachable straps - a win-win for tight-fitting dress.

Panties for every taste and color are in the Soft Stretch line: from intangible strings to classic models. Due to the smooth material and concise design, they will harmoniously look with any bra from this collection.

Luxurious planjon Wonderbra will take care of the support of the chest and highlight the beauty of the figure, while remaining in the shadow of the evening dress. A push-up bra invisible to prying eyes will be a godsend for a graduate who chooses an outfit with an open back or non-standard cutouts. The model with a layer of mousse allows you to perebegnut berets as required by the style of the dress. A jumper made of transparent silicone will erase all the obstacles in front of the deepest neckline. Bikini or thong will complement the image in the spirit of total black and will not create a relief under the dress.

The imperceptible bra that will give breasts pomp is Princesse Tam-Tam. The collection also includes various types of panties and additional straps that allow you to make the model functional and suitable for open dresses.

Imperceptible tights and stockings - lightness and summer comfort

Thin, weightless tights and stockings will not worry about the absence of a minimum tan or that the legs in the heat swelled. The DIM Teint de Soleil collection combines everything that will make this important day even better: an open sock that allows you to wear any sandals, menthol microgranules for a long feeling of freshness, and the thinnest veil fabric.

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