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SOVA created a second jewelry collection together with FROLOV

The jewelry collection is traditionally dedicated to Valentine's Day and will appear in stores on the eve of the holiday - February 5. Part of the proceeds from the sale will be spent on HIV in Ukraine. Last year, 1500 quick HIV tests were purchased for the money raised last year by the largest 100% Life patient organization in Ukraine.

The collection consists of 14 units, made in white and yellow gold.

Ivan Frolov's favorites are jewelry with a symbol of infinity: "Every time we fall in love, we want it to be forever, and the feelings last forever." “We are pleased to return to the cooperation with Ivan Frolov and his team. Collaboration is always a new and exciting experience for us, and in this case it is also a social mission that inspires and supports the entire team for the second consecutive year, ”says Anna Koval, Marketing and Sales Director at SOVA.

“The new collection turned out to be sophisticated and romantic, but it goes perfectly with the agent decorations from our first collaboration with FROLOV. Stylistically, this is another story, but conceptually everything remains in place. These are life-saving jewelry. "

“Fighting for life is the best mission that unites us, activists, and a well-known business like SOVA and FROLOV. Common values ​​give us the opportunity to give people beauty and teach them to take care of health - their own and their loved ones, "- commented Anastasia Deeva, Executive Director of" 100% Life ".

The new collection features kaffi, necklaces, rings, ring earrings and pusset earrings, which perfectly combine with each other. Some of the ornaments are transformers: rings become pendants, pendants - earrings.

The collection again presents an image of the heart - a symbol of the FROLOV brand. But this time it is voluminous.

The protagonist of the shoot dedicated to the release of the collection was model and actress Valery Karaman. She recently starred in Robert Eggers' movie "The Lighthouse" with Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. Her image embodies the mood of the collection - bold, but a little naive.

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