Underwear marlies | dekkers, Aubade, Chantal Thomass

For thousands of years, artists, sculptors, poets admire female beauty and try to understand its essence. Nobody will be able to uncover an incomprehensible secret, but you can come closer to its solution: you just have to look at the clothes that a woman chooses.

Passionate underwear is not a reason to hide it in the drawer of the dresser, waiting for a special occasion. Live bright here and now! Here is the philosophy of a modern girl, accustomed to taking life to the maximum and cultivating inner freedom and emancipation. This view of life is traced in the Triangle line by marlies | dekkers.

The Femme Aubade line from the sophisticated Aubade brand will tell you about the contrast of the female character. Now she is burning with passion and frankly flirting, but after a moment she is cold and detached. Femme Aubade gives a sense of overt sexuality, femininity and unsurpassed comfort. Openwork lace adds tenderness, and small metal details add intrigue to the image.

Each meeting with a femme fatale turns the world around. The Chantal Thomass Tombeuse collection warns that internal female magic can work wonders. The Tombeuse line is exquisitely designed in four intriguing color variations. Combinations, belts for stockings, several types of sconces and panties - all in order to emphasize the uniqueness of character.

Remember that all secrets are revealed with sets of sensual and seductive lingerie.

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