Gallarate, July 2019. YamamaY continues to reveal the beauty of women through the prism of love - in the autumn-winter collection this love is aimed at caring for the environment.

Women's collection

If you make a short table of contents of this collection, it will certainly look like this: feminine glamor, romantic comfort and a thirst for innovation. The collection is inspired by a self-confident woman who knows her potential. A woman who wants to show her personality through her own femininity, because she remains refined and elegant, even
when wears transparent fabrics like tulle and lace.

The collection was developed using natural fabrics, much attention was paid to the cut: neckline, necklines and silhouettes.

Here are those trendy themes that pervade the YamamaY fall-winter collection:

  • Untouched nature: sensual lines with unusually feminine forms in which transparency, lace and floral prints play with each other with the addition of color accents.

  • The atmosphere of ice: here nature is more abstract, the colors resemble ice and its nuances. It looks like we wanted to “freeze, stop everything, try not to let nature go far away”. The colors are mostly pure, transparent, such as the color of a primrose or a delicate shade of light mallow.

  • Geometric harmonies: in this topic we left the floral world to enter the universe of geometric prints, inscriptions and graphics.

  • Mysterious garden: taste and mysterious halftone of secretive and hiding nature. The most striking distinguishing features are a spotted print, lace again filed in an abstract vein, as well as an ultra-fine line of corrective underwear, which turned out to be very glamorous due to the transparency of the tulle and contrasting colors. A protective strap was first made in this series.

For girls - the Cassandra series in ribbed natural cotton with logo printed, Miage - with printed inscription on lace details and seamless Sport chic - for sports and active lifestyles.

A line filled with glamor was adorned with a variety of textures, colors and materials - each eyelet was thought out to the smallest detail.

The collection would be incomplete without knitwear: very soft cardigans and maxi dresses are easy to combine with silk underwear and clothes.

Men's collection

The natural cotton collection was made specifically for men. This type of cotton is distinguished by the highest level of quality: during its cultivation, strict standards of organic production are observed and chemical pesticides and fertilizers are not used - this contributes to the durability of fabrics and the durability of products.

In addition, athletes and loyal fans in the next season will be able to appreciate the CR7 collection from Cristiano Ronaldo: it will feature both underwear and pajamas.

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