Waiting rules in the Chantelle underwear collection spring-summer 2017 - news from SEC Gulliver

Waiting rules in the Chantelle underwear collection spring-summer 2017

Waiting rules in the Chantelle underwear collection spring-summer 2017

Enchant and tempt - in the unchanged plans for the season, the French brand Shantelle made adjustments. The heroine of the collection of underwear spring-summer 2017 - is self-sufficient, and if he makes efforts on the dressing, then only himself. For immersion in the world of pleasure the materials correspond to the following: light air canvas envelops the luxury of sensuality and charm, elastic fabrics give full freedom of movement, fantasy patterns on lace veils send an imagination into flight.

Textured embroidery and architectural designs, shades of a shamrock and almond tree - Champs Elysees sets reflect the aesthetics of a cult street, sung by more than one chansonier. Silky underwear gives you a sense of unease, as during a Parisian avenue walk. Strawberries with whipped cream are not only a dessert for seduction, but also a synonym of seductive models Chic Sexy. The delicate milk palette is shaded by the berry juice: having a bra-balkonet, the woman is mooning all day in anticipation of the sweet at the evening. The classic bra is made of an innovative canvas spacer, which allows the skin to breathe, even when breathing clashes from love.

The motifs of the skin of the python on Irresistible models show a crazy temperament. Enchant with the tenderness of a set of colored nude with a ribbon with a snake print or captivating passion in the underwear, completely decorated with outlines of the representative of the exotic fauna - the choice of the owner. Luxurious lace and velvet tulle of the Presage line are decorated with outlines of the Damask rose: the rules of indulgence have changed under the auspices of elegance. In addition to sophisticated sets, the series includes a corset and shirt - for temptation Chantelle provided a complete arsenal.

Some nights are not for sleep! Molitor's fantasy kits compensate for the lack of dreams: the shade of the impenetrable sky reminds of the charm of the mysterious period of the day, the honey latte - the taste of spicy drinks the next morning, glycine - the beauty of flowering, which will be happy with the light of the coming day. Thin gypsum mesh and sensual lace, covered on top of sconces and panties, embody the beauty of the fantasy world. After amorous vicissitudes, one wants to cheer up: juicy shades of peach and cranberries of the Soft Stretch panties will give you the necessary energy, and elastic materials - unscrupulous movements and a relaxed mood. Models onesize delicately sit down on the figure and, in response to the sizes from 36 to 44, underline the graceful silhouette.

The collection of underwear spring-summer 2017 from the French brand Chantelle adorns the beautiful half of mankind, inspire more and more to fall in love with yourself!

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