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New collection of O bag 2019

Following season Italian designers will surprise the O bag fans with numerous novelties. Among them there is an updated palette of O bag bodies and other accessories, brand new O bag shapes and combinations of materials, experiments with embossing and texture.

We’d like to present the first novelties of the season — the O bag soft collection and the new O bag double shape.

The O bag soft collection is a mix of practicality and design. The line-up premiered at Milano Design Week 2018.

The O bag soft collection combines concise design and trendy shapes. The new version of the famous O bag configurator is revealed in this collection. The main focus in O bag soft bags is the soft touch rubberized material, which creates smooth lines in each shape and makes the process of caring for the O bag soft collection bags be very simple. Waterproof, plastic and different every day — the bags from the O bag Soft collection are designed for those who appreciate practicality, but pay attention to

The line is presented in 6 shapes of O bag Soft accessories:

  • O bag soft easy — miniature crossbody for the most necessary things
  • O bag soft mild — an elegant and spacious version of the legendary Bauletto bag
  • O bag soft smooth — versatile briefcase bag with shoulder strap
  • O bag soft sweet — practical and spacious shopper bag
  • O bag soft tender — bulk zippered shopper bag
  • O bag soft pretty — soft rubberized clutch with metal accents

O bag double is another new Italian brand shape. It will suit girls who dynamically switch between fashionalbe office look, comfortable casual wear and a chic evening outfit. The compact bag has a square shape and it’s very comfortable to carry it in your hand due to short handles — one of the key accents of this O bag shape. Cocktail party, dinner, work meeting, shopping or a seaside resort — you can choose the type of handles for your O bag double to different occasions. It can be transparent plexiglass flat handles that are most suitable for everyday urban and business looks, or bamboo handles that perfectly suit to summer and beach outfits. 

The main feature of the O bag double is the mix of materials. In the complete O bag double you’ll find 4 types of materials mix: the body of the bag is made of Xl Extralight, the side faces of the body are made of soft eco-leather, the fastenings for handles are metal, and the replaceable handles are made of plastic.

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