Milan, august 2019. As part of the new autumn campaign, YamamaY continues its journey begun last year, seeking to transform the concept of stereotypical “beauty” into something intimate, personal and present.

YamamaY offers to rethink the canons of beauty, giving freedom to an exclusive fashion designed for all women, regardless of their age, skin color and clothing size. Thus, beauty becomes “confident” and “comfortable”. Now, beauty is not about assessing appearance, but about self-awareness. YamamaY decided to bring these vibes of inclusiveness and body positive through dance, a highly effective art form in which the body plays a key role.

Four successful dancers of different ages, ethnicity and physique, led by Georgina Rodriguez, who was the face of the spring-summer campaign, will dance together in lingerie from the new YamamaY Basic collection and the 2019 fall collection. This dance is inspired by 90 years: choreography rethought in a modern and very sexual way:

• Julia Pauselli: Born in 1991 in Florence, her career began with the television program Amici. In 2014, she became the star of the Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse. Dancing makes her body amazing, and with a girl’s smile you can light up any room. The love of dance was transmitted to her from her grandmother, who in her youth worked at the Comunale Theater in Florence and often took her to the show.

• Greta Zuccarello: from Treviso, she lives a classical dance. Greta in a short time became the main dancer of the Peridance Contemporary Dance Company in New York. She has a bewitching look, long legs and unique energy.

• Becky Namgauds: Englishwoman, dancer, international choreographer and stage director of the movements. She is known for her experimental choreography, which takes feminine power to a new level. Becky is not at all treacherous, but her philosophy symbolizes the evolution of canons and stereotypes, which are always associated with beauty and female dance.

• Demi Rox Mensah: considered one of the most beautiful women in Africa and often performs with pop stars. In 2019, she became a member of the Spice Girls tour.

Photos and videos demonstrate bodies other than stereotypical - dance creators with different stories, united by a strong and unique message: the differences are beautiful. We must value the way we were born, living a healthy life, not trying to look like someone else, respecting ourselves and the people around us. And first of all, to love ourselves instead of feeling bad if we do not fit into a certain aesthetic standard.

“For YamamaY, this is not only an advertising campaign, it is a project that is part of a path that gives everyone the right to vote. YamamaY collections are designed for every person, for every body - for everyone, without any differences: the diversity is beautiful, and each of us is valuable precisely because nature created it that way. To convey this message even more accurately and stronger, we chose very different girls - they speak different languages, dance different dances, love different styles.

We asked Georgina to lead the dance team, because we consider her an ideal face for a message about body positive that we want to convey: Georgina’s beauty is her naturalness, her differences, her confident beauty, ”- Gianluigi Cimmino, CEO of Pianoforte Holding.

“I decided to take part in the project, because I knew: this survey is an opportunity to become a representative of a topic that I consider to be extremely important - the adoption of the body and the subsequent assessment of each of us outside of any model and stereotype. We conveyed all our experiences through a dance that further drew attention to this. Together, dancing and fashion can do a lot! ”- Georgina Rodriguez.

Creative director of the video - Ilona Macilvain
Choreographer - Simon Donnella
Photographer - Alfonso Onhuro

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