In the new season, Aubade is inspired by the ingenious aesthetics of Art Nouveau: a play of lines and curves, an unimaginable rhythmic combination of ornaments, textures and colors. Here, and crystal clear, just like the artists who worked in this style, a hint of sensuality, and bold manifestations of seductive femininity.

The Courbes Divines line is an exquisite combination of lace and delicate tulle, fancy silhouettes and contrasting colors. The transcendental femininity of lace elements are two distinctive features of Courbes Divines.

Soie d’Amour meets with renewed shades of the already loved line of silk pajamas: now weightless clothes for sleeping and relaxing play in juicy amaranth, charcoal black and delicate pearl tones.

Poésie d’Orient - a collection inspired by Eastern poetry: a combination of different textures and ornaments. Exquisite two-color embroidery and floral lace motifs create a romantic mood and lure into their networks with a bewitching palette: a combination of midnight black with deep blue or golden champagne, which sparkles in contrast with calm anthracite.

The Au Bal de Flore line in black is sultry, hot as the heart of a Latin American woman, decorated with fiery red lace flowers that seem to sprout through the cover of a hopeless night. White color radically changes the mood of the line: it preserves the spirit of purity, and adds to it languid femininity and tenderness.

La Belle aux Camélias speaks the language of seduction: beckons with its incredible effect on the body tattoo. Elements of corset lacing and wide playful straps add an erotic touch inherent in the modern style.

In the Nuit Indécente line, sexuality is included to the maximum: lace, hyperbolic corset motifs, deep necklines, and most importantly - a passionate black color. The line is saturated with seduction and confidence in its exceptional beauty.

The Bow Collection is Aubade's hot collaboration with Viktor & Rolf, which was marked by the release of stunning bright sets, the highlight of which is the abundance of bows: voluminous and flat, pink and black - they have become an eternal symbol of high fashion, femininity and luxury. The Bow Collection is presented with elegant bras, piquant panties, men's underwear and a translucent playful top.

The Aubade à l’Amour line has replenished with a new stunning shade of Mercure - noble gray, the proximity of which gives even more weightlessness to the delicate lace.

And the completely new Danse des Sens line looks incredibly tender, but sensual: floral motifs, a complex pattern and deep shades make the heart beat faster. The variety of forms of bras simplifies the choice of the most comfortable model.

Passion Nocturne is the peak of sexuality and lust: a black tulle with a languidly contrasting red embroidery turns a set of linen into a real weapon for seduction. The line is complemented by a piquant corset and a belt for stockings.

Baisers Charnels is inspired by the dangerous game of delicate embroidery and deliberate sex of belts. The combination of gold clips, the color of pale pink powder and a black pattern is an attractive classic for all time.

Boîte à Désir Liens de velours - the embodiment of the most daring fantasies: lingerie, which was created to demonstrate, lingerie that you want to enjoy. The magnificent game of velvet straps, elegant fasteners and the finest tulle - you should definitely look at it.

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