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Georgina Rodriguez in the new campaign YAMAMAY SPRING / SUMMER 2019

Georgina Rodriguez, the Instagram model and star with a 10-million audience, became the face of Yamamay's spring-summer collection. Georgina admires natural beauty, she is a beautiful mother and a strong personality - the embodiment of the values of the world of Yamamay.

Collaborations of Georgina Rodriguez and the Italian brand of linen contributed to the mutual interest and commitment to social topics. Together, they seek to raise awareness of breast cancer. They are also concerned about the issues of saving the planet, including the preservation of the #SavetheOcean marine environment, aimed at ensuring a better future for our children.

To capture the spontaneous and natural essence of the woman invited a talented Spanish artist Xavi. Posing, Georgina did not have to play, she remained herself: a woman with independent thinking and an understanding of style, which expresses her sensuality in a special way.

In the frame of Georgina in lingerie from the collection of Yamamay Basic and Spring / Summer 2019, which is the result of research and innovation. Delicate and refined models created for the absolute comfort and confidence of women, they flawlessly emphasize the dignity of the figure. The collection combines basic models in black and white. One of the sets is decorated with lace ruffs that mimic ocean reefs.

“I am happy to work with Yamamay. This collection is very elegant, all models are beautiful and comfortable. Yamamay is a company with values that I consider really important, I fully share the brand's positive message and social responsibility”, - says Georgina Rodriguez.

“We knew that Georgina would be the perfect ambassador for our spring-summer collection. Not only because of her natural beauty, but also because of her strong social position. She has about 10 Millions of Instagram subscribers and know how to interact with new generations, inform them about issues that are very important to us, such as medical prevention and environmental sustainability. That is why we decided to devote one of the images of the advertising campaign with Georgina to “Ocean Reef”. On the bralette model, the lace ruff of which is made of recycled plastic, and this is the beginning of the path to a more eco-friendly fashion, which is created with respect for the environment”, - says Gianluigi Cimino, head of Pianoforte Holding.


Yamamay is an Italian brand of underwear, swimwear and home wear. Yamamay collections conquer women from all over the world thanks to sophisticated and trendy models. The Yamamay store is an inexhaustible source of pleasure and inspiration: the iconic Italian quality, luxurious materials, trendy styles, impeccable fit and pleasant pricing!

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