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Space mural at a bird's eye view

In the center of events and in the center of urban life, so vibrant and technological that, apparently, it can be seen from space itself! The insane glow from the media facade is simply mesmerizing, huge screens with an area of ​​more than 4 thousand square meters, which give the city a continuous rhythm and mood ... what next you ask?

How do you like a futuristic mural at a bird's eye view?

This art object symbolizes the continuous flow of time, the development of technology and the digital future that awaits us. And its location is not accidental, because in the very heart of the capital, where life pulsates, at Gulliver's cosmic height, we simply had no choice but to open the symbol of inspiration and strength.

Where everyone can not only get aesthetic pleasure and emotions, but also open their own space in the center of themselves.

The mural was made by the famous Kiev muralist Vitaly Gide1, and the drawing was inspired by Gulliver, as a reminder that space is closer than it seems!

We would also like to thank our partners who joined the opening of the masterpiece: Mercato Italiano restaurant, Martini brand, DJ NANA, Ukrainian clothing brand ISED and Interesniy Kiev.

And very soon we promise to surprise you even more!

Rumor has it that the spaceship will land from the roof of Gulliver right at the entrance to the mall. Are you waiting?

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