Presentime is a shop of unusual and exclusive gifts. The assortment of Presentime includes hundreds of different accessories and statuettes, notebooks, business cards, pens from famous brands such as Hugo Boss, Nina Ricci, Christian Lacroix, etc. Each product evokes ambiguous emotions, which is the counter of the store. All sorts of necessary, useful, pleasant and simply entertaining things will become an excellent present for the head, family and friends, ideally fitting into any situation.

Shop Decor El Home 2 floor Decor el Home - designer dishes and companion for the kitchen, aroma for home, and such decor for home and gift Shop LEROSH 1 floor LEROSH is a manufacturer of compositions of stabilized flowers and exclusive handmade gifts.These are natural flowers stabilized with glycerin using a unique technology since 1981. Shop Butlers 2 floor BUTLERS is a retail chain of more than 150 stores across Europe. German brand, which offers a wide range of gifts, household products, decor, furniture pieces and accessories with a highest European quality. BUTLERS operates 11 stores in best shopping malls in Ukraine, out of them 7 are in Kyiv and other 4 located in the biggest cities Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv and Kherson. BUTLERS assortment is constantly refreshing by useful and unique home products! Each of BUTLERS stores fulfilled with atmosphere of festivity, warmth and harmony. Inside the store you will find ready-made solutions for serving a festive table, for outdoor holiday in a countryside, as well as original ideas for gifts to your relatives, colleagues and friends. Meanwhile, our consultants will always help you to make the best choice. Shop MUZA HOME 4 floor MUZA HOME - high-quality home goods, luxury bedding, sleeping decor and products for sleeping.The company "MUZA HOME" was founded in 2011. It works with elite houses of the textile industry, if you value quality and style, then this is just the store that you need. A close-knit, energetic team, keen on their work, will pick up decor options for you, and will also help you create an atmosphere of home warmth and coziness. Trained specialists of the company provide information on the issue of choice, the quality of the goods offered, as well as on the specifics and model range of fashion trends in this area.