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The Time and Glass star appeared on Square of Stars in Kiev

On October 1, a special star in honor of the Ukrainian band Time and Glass appeared on the International Day of Music at the Square of the Stars, which is a symbol of recognition, support and popularization of national culture, art and sports.

Over the 9 years of its existence, the Time and Glass group has become one of the most stylish groups in the country. Nadia Dorofeev and Positive have established themselves as the main Ukrainian trendsetters and hitmakers: they annually become the winners of music awards and prizes, their songs occupy the first lines of charts, and clips are broadcast on top channels. But the main victory for them is the millions of hearts that support their creativity around the world. It is "Time and Glass" that inspires Ukrainians by their example and promotes Ukrainian music, style and creativity.

When you first come to Hollywood, you immediately dream of coming to the Walk of Fame to touch the stars of your favorite artists and actors. We are feeling a lot of excitement right now because the Time and Glass group will be immortalized in the heart of the city. We are happy that there is a place in Kiev where we all get closer to each other, ”commented the participants of the group Time and Glass.

The opening of the star became special for the group also because it took place on the eve of the big VISLOVO show at the Kiev Sports Palace. Supporting the artists at the ceremony came a team and people who were near the start of their creative journey.

The project motivates contemporary leaders of culture, music, art and sports not to stop there, but to popularize the country in the world. The Star Square project aims to become a well-known and beloved tourist route, as it educates a new generation, reminding them of famous Ukrainians and motivating teenagers to pursue their goal, their success, ”- said Tatyana Atajanova, PR director of Gulliver shopping mall.

Recall that the stars at the Square of Stars appear on the results of several stages of selection, based on the recommendations of the expert commission - members of the public, experts of the media market and representatives of the Gulliver shopping center.

On October 1, a 35 star was laid on “Square of the Stars” and this is a 10 star on the “Music” part.

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