You can tell a girl a thousand times that she is beautiful, but she will only believe her own reflection in the mirror. Especially for those who have an eye for every extra centimeter, swimsuits with a special superpower are created - they visually slim and give the silhouette a delicate grace.

Swimsuit with high panties - a great assistant in the fight for the perfect photo with the rest. Cups Marlies Dekkers in the color of the depths of the sea rely on a thin waist, hiding from a prying eye a couple of extra centimeters at the hips.

Panties exquisitely veil the problem area of girls, lower abdomen, without giving this area extra volume. A balconette bra Royal Navy demonstrates the beauty of the bust and emphasizes its elasticity: the successful shape of the cup and wide straps do their work.

Strip - the most cunning technique in the field of visual silhouette modeling. Holi Vintage's one-piece model is simply David Copperfield in the swimsuit world: perfectly thought out the direction of the lines will even turn an apple-like figure into a delicious hourglass

The striped print on the buttocks is angled — this makes them visually more rounded and taut. Such detail as additional straps will draw attention to the seductive neckline, and a bow on the back will add a touch of coquetry to the image.

Soft matte fabric with suede effect will help to quickly “build up” to the beach defile: the lack of glare on the whole Puritsu swimsuit will play into the hands of those who want to slightly adjust the volume and gain the desired confidence.

Due to the dense fabric, the swimsuit smooths the silhouette, exerting a dragging effect, and draping in the chest area - on the contrary, emphasizes mouth-watering shapes and puts the piquancy of the total red image in the first place.

High culottes do an excellent job with a slight body shaping, but at the same time they require well-placed accents. A removable piece on the bra - it would seem a concise variable, which nevertheless dramatically affects the perception of themselves.

The braid in the form of a braid gives the beach image a special charm and demonstrates conscious sexuality, and a deep dark blue color emphasizes the warm shade of tan.

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