In SEC Gulliver, a boutique of the German women's clothing Laurel - news from SEC Gulliver

In SEC Gulliver, a boutique of the German women's clothing Laurel

In early September, the flagship boutique of the German brand of women's clothing Laurel was opened in the Gulliver shopping and entertainment center

On the area of ​​about 100 sq. M. There are actual fashion trends and modern classics for women for every taste. These are dresses, jackets, short pants and blouses, outerwear and accessories of the Fall / Winter '18 collection called "Heritage and Modernity".

Price policy: the average plus. The concept of the store, like the collection itself, is dedicated to a real woman, active and dynamic, who does not pursue fashion blindly, but follows her, based on personal characteristics and her ideas about femininity and style. Laurel are exquisite and refined models, from which a modern woman can fully form a wardrobe for daytime walks, night walks, romantic dates and other urgent matters during the holidays.

The boutique is designed for a wide audience of customers and offers visitors comfortable, practical and functional women's casual clothing for daily use.

The Laurel brand was founded in Munich in 1978 as a separate line of the Escada brand. Family couple Wolfgang and Margaret Lai conceived a collection of clothes for business successful women - elegant, restrained and expensive.

Today Laurel is a successful premium brand, represented in the branded stores of 30 countries.

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