Darya Bilodid, Larisa Solovyova and Yulia Levchenko celebrating opening the star in the «Square of Stars» in Kiev - news from SEC Gulliver

Darya Bilodid, Larisa Solovyova and Yulia Levchenko celebrating opening the star in the «Square of Stars» in Kiev

On March 7, on the "Square of the Stars", which is a symbol of recognition, support and popularization of national culture, art and sports, there were three special stars in honor of Daria Bilodid, the youngest judo world champion. Larissa Solovyovaya — multiple world champion in powerlifting. Yulia Levchenko is a silver medalist at the European Athletics Championship.

Daria Bilodid is a Ukrainian judoist, champion of Europe, world champion and two-time European champion among cadets. Billod won his first adult medal in March 2017 at the Open Continental Cup in Prague. And on April 20, 2017 she became the champion of Europe. Also worth noting is that Daria has become the youngest world champion in judo history. Bilodid in the current season does not know the bitterness of defeats. Her account includes victories at two Grand Prix tournaments, two Grand Slam tournaments and the European Cup in Slovenia.

Larysa Solovyova is a Ukrainian athlete, paulvirfitterka, multiple world champion and record holder. Speaking in the weight category up to 63 kilograms, in three powerlifting exercises (squatting, press and thrust) it can raise 640 kilos in total, 10 times more than weighs. In the power triathlon, as is still called powerlifting, she is already 24 years old. In 2017, she became the first in the history of the four-time champion of World Games - multi-sport competitions held every four years under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee and have an informal status of the "Olympiad of the non-Olympic sports."

Julia Levchenko is a Ukrainian high-skydiving athlete, a silver medalist at the World Championship, the European Championship and the 2014 Olympic Youth Olympic Champion.


The "Square of Stars" was opened on November 14, 2015, at the intersection of Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard, Esplanadnaya Street and Sportivnaya Square, at the entrance to the Gulliver shopping mall. On the day of the project launch, 9 nominal stars were placed in honor of prominent Ukrainians who made a significant contribution to the development of culture, sport and art. Among them are stars in honor of the famous actor and TV presenter Volodymyr Goryansky, the famous Ukrainian actress of the theater and cinema Adi Rogovtseva, popular Ukrainian musicians, among them the group SKAJ, TNMK, The Maneken, etc. The winner of the category of sports stars was the Ukrainian boxer, the world champion under the version of WBC, Victor Postol. A prominent place on the "Square of Stars" of prominent Ukrainians was occupied by the famous star Bogdan Stupka. During 2016-2018, the stars of Nina Matvienko, the star of the memory of Maria Pryimachenko, sports stars Mikhail Zvyavlov, Olga Lyashchuk, Alexander Abramenko, Svetlana Trifonova, Olga Kharlan were laid.

The commemorative signs on the "Square of the Stars" are made of brass and are mounted in slabs of 30 by 60 cm. The "Square of the Stars" is designed for a bookmark of more than 100 registered stars.

Stars on the "Square of the Stars" appear on the results of several selection stages based on the recommendations of the expert commission — representatives of the public, media market experts and representatives of Gulliver.

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