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LuckyLOOK Insta summer party: party with the stars

The height of summer was celebrated by the noisy party of the brand – «LuckyLOOK Insta summer party», which took place in one of our boutiques! Master class, photo zone and delicious treats were waiting for friends and clients.

«LuckyLOOK Insta summer party» passed with our star guests. They rested and talked about the style with Vitalii Kozlovsky, Miroslava Uljanina, Marina Kinakh and Vyacheslav Solomka. Tamerlan and Alena, Natalia Valevskaya, Anya Dobrydneva and Andrey Kishe became participants in the master class from the founder and author of the brand - Tatyana Tuchi.

Tatiana Tucha showed that such a fashionable and meaningful accessory as glasses can completely transform the style, and also cheer up!

Guests of the party went with presents, because we held a photo contest. It was necessary to lay out a snapshot of the hashtags #luckylookINSTAsummerPARTY, #GOINS FOR GOODWISE and #luckylook, and the very best received a special present from Tatyana Tuchi.

Brand LuckyLOOK inherent features that no other stores: we make a professional selection of glasses and hats, and still bring good luck! Hurry up to look stylish and be charged with bright, colorful emotions! Sunglasses from LuckyLOOK transform the world, give unforgettable emotions and complement any style!

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