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CALIFORNIA DREAMING - Underwear Collection Passionata Spring / Summer 2019

The Passionata brand is in constant search of images and sources of inspiration, opening new horizons every season. The concept of the spring-summer collection of the brand is life, fashion and beauty as they are. Solid authenticity, where there is no setting, and in the frame - only naturalness. Inspiration is reality itself - multifaceted, giving opportunities and living feelings. Like a true woman.

Summer morning in a big city, the pulse of which increases every minute. You can still catch the cool and salty ocean wind, but soon these notes will be completely absorbed by the heat. Wake up, LA! A long and hot day awaits you.

The Georgia line radiates purity and innocence, like a barely overcast dawn. The conciseness of the models is compensated by the original details: a combination of smooth microfiber with geometric lace. Gloria line kits are feminine and romantic. The main decoration of linen and belts for stockings is lace in the form of ornate inserts, pleated elements and airy frills.

The sun is at its zenith, and it seems that molten air can be cut. Casual urban landscape: red-hot roofs, slender palm trees and endless traffic. I want to devote such a day to myself - to enjoy its fiery and spicy sweetness.

Brooklyn line is perfect for seduction and comfort every day. She is distinguished by comfortable models of panties and bras, as well as beautiful lace details. The line Santorini refers to the aesthetic canons of Greek culture. The panties of this line are the embodiment of the classics and the latest fashion trends.

In the metropolis evening comes slowly. He lowers the twilight veil, piercing the windows of houses with the latest sun glare to the soundtrack of street noise and jazz sounds. Night is ahead, and anything is possible. The main characters of this one day story are you and the big city.

The Holala line is designed for special occasions. Her luxurious lace tops and shorts briefs complement evening wear perfectly. Special chic - sets of yellow mustard color. Embrasse-Moi is no less seductive! Graceful models, the thinnest lace and scarlet color increase the degree of passion. The line Fall in Love is love at first sight. Floral lace, mesh fabric, laces and various decorative elements create the perfect linen for a romantic evening.

The Passionata Spring / Summer 2019 collection is created for those who love life in all its manifestations. In the linen Passionata can be different every day!

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