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Lingerie collection Chantelle spring / summer 2019

The new collection of Chantelle is a real challenge to conventions and conservatism. The keynote of the season was the search for truth, authenticity in this photo-crazed world, in which not much was left of the natural female image. The face of the campaign was the famous model Lena Hardt. The creative designer of the Renault Cambusat brand is sure that its modern type, refinement, charm and versatility perfectly match the spirit of the collection. The inspiration was a trip to the untouched American lands. Photographs of the collection resemble fragments of a personal travel diary; this is a departure to unknown lands and a real challenge to beauty patterns.

Absolute Invisible Kit merges with the skin, and you can feel its weightlessness. Soft smooth lines and smooth textures are the perfect choice for every day. The Champs-Elysees line is like an amazing, full of discovery walk through the main street of Paris. There are many colors and bright textures in it. The combination of embroidery, lace and satin will give a playful mood.

Everyday lace has so much grace and sophistication - you can feel luxurious even in casual clothes. Line Festivite is a texture game. When choosing a set in soft pink or red, you choose between passion and tenderness, calmness and a whole storm of emotions. An interesting form of sconces can be an attractive part of the image. Line Orangerie envelops veil of mystery. Lace ornaments and smooth textures sound in unison with a sensitive and vulnerable woman's soul.

Parisienne allure - an amazing combination of color harmony, smooth texture and delicate lace inserts. In this set, the woman will emphasize the tenderness and softness of character. Pyramide - this is where you can give free rein to fantasy. Non-standard combination of fabrics, classic color palette, diluted with bright ripe colors, will tell about the versatility and inconsistency.

Choosing a Segur, you choose charm, charm and sexuality. Sconces, panties and bustiers - everything is created in order to feel desirable, sensual and a little vulnerable. If you want the laundry to remain completely invisible and weightless, then Soft stretch is what you dreamed of for so long.

Focusing on the landscape, light, texture and purity of the image, the new collection shows a new approach to the artistic direction and versatility. Chantelle SS19 is an easy way to highlight your strengths and choose today's mood.

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