AUTUMN-WINTER 2019 COLLECTION - news from SEC Gulliver


Petit Bateau is a favorite French brand known for quality cotton, worn by kids and children since 1893.

The legendary brand is the inventor of panties and an icon of time-consuming style for children and adults.

The unrivaled softness of the materials and impeccable cutouts give the owners attractiveness and comfort.

Petit Bateau's style rises above the turbulence of the seasons.

The French brand is concerned with the environment and respect for people, and employs 3,000 employees worldwide.

For over 30 years in Japan, Petit Bateau has chosen Japanese culture as the inspiration this season. The new collection is a delicate balance between traditional and contemporary, urbanism and nature, energy and lightheartedness.

Seasonal color palette: gray - vibrates between softness and elegance; blue - associated with the calm and pristine lakes of Hokkaido; green is a national anthem; red - neon lights of Shibuya district.

Graphics and prints with inscriptions symbolize the dynamic rhythm of the change of seasonal landscapes.

Petit Bateau's baby clothing is Oeko-Tex * certified. Petit Bateau is concerned about protecting the delicate skin of babies. The Fall-Winter 2019 collection offers freedom, comfort and creativity. The My Smart Petit Bateau product range includes new developments to make life easier for parents. From the novelties can be selected overalls for children with adjustable straps, slip with open legs for the baby with comfortable fasteners. Soft knitwear and faux fur will protect your baby from the cold in the winter.

Petit Bateau is looking forward to the rain in a new waterproof jacket for children and adults. Exclusive drawing - a Scottish cell, combined with different styles. Clothes with interesting designer jewelry to brighten up the cloudy winter days! Particular attention is paid to accessories. Scarf, collar, socks - all combine well with each other.

Baby clothes - the emphasis is on prints. The balance between traditional and contemporary illustrates the entire collection. Petit Bateau boldly uses a plaid tartan with bright lines for a more contemporary and dynamic look. The brand combines a cell with graphics.

For girls, it is a mixture of floral motifs in combination with a Scottish cage, and boys a mostly sporty style. A collection of leisurewear is a great opportunity to have fun. At night, the boys turn into princes or dragons, and by day the girls become real princesses in lush skirts and corduroy dresses.

Women are the center of attention, in soft and warm jumpers. Petit Bateau raincoats are now in new colors, including glamorous and vibrant red.

Petit Bateau's glossy, print or traditional knitwear adapts to different weather conditions: a jumper for the evening, a woolen or cotton turtleneck will protect you from the cold in the afternoon. New brand accessories complete the image 100%.

The new Petit Bateau Collection is filled with contrasts: a combination of urbanism and nature, tranquility and energy, traditional and contemporary, softness and graphics.

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