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Photo project # our heroes

A photo exhibition has opened in the Gulliver Mall that tells the people thanks to whom Ukrainian society was able to cope with quarantine restrictions.

On June 5, a photo exhibition opened in Gulliver Mall, which is a joint photo project of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine, KyivPost and Gulliver Mall.

Through this project, partners are joining the national solidarity campaign launched by UNICEF in response to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine.

Photos of the heroes of our day can be seen on the special page of the project, the Gulliver front screens, on the photo exhibition itself, which is located in the central atrium of the shopping center and on the second floor, as well as on the pages of KyivPost and partners in social networks.

Each of the 25 photos presented is the story of a hero or heroine who continued to work when the whole world froze. In addition to viewing photos of heroes, at the exhibition you can read short stories of doctors, psychologists, social workers, teachers, sellers, a pharmacist, a gas tanker, a driver and other people who risked their lives, went to work and supported the lives of millions.

Thanks to the work of these very people, we could stay at home to protect ourselves and our loved ones, calmly begin our work day, and communicate with others.

With the help of the photo project # our heroes, its organizers want to express sincere gratitude and deep respect to everyone who worked during quarantine and continues to work now for all of us.

Of course, first, doctors who were at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus deserve thanks.

# Our heroes: ambulance doctor Irina, anesthetist Andrei, infectious disease specialist Oksana.

Much attention is paid to social workers and volunteers who supported people in their age, and also provided psychological assistance to those who needed it. As people tried to abide by the rules of social distance and stay at home, various delivery services became in demand these days. Therefore, among the heroes of the present you can see Yuri, the Glovo courier, and Valeria, the Uber driver.

Teachers were not left without attention, because in quarantine, educational institutions stopped working, so the need for online training has become more acute than ever.

Visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the history of elementary school teacher Elena and others.

You can read the stories of the heroes online at this link.

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