Strong character, passion and disobedience are intertwined in the new autumn-winter collection of Chantal Thomass. The campaign is filled with the spirit of protest, a thirst for self-expression and daring coquetry.

The Audacieuse line is femininity burning with passion and love for wide ribbons and bras of extraordinary designs. Audacieuse is created in classic shades of black obsidian and milk foam, decorated with an almost weightless striped print and elevated to exactly that level of candor, which is easy to decide.

The Affranchie line will turn your head in a provocative design: a transparent grid, a frivolous knitted pattern and minimalistic floral elements are simply created for life in a mode of increased comfort and irresistible self-confidence. The jet black color of the line symbolizes the passion that is hidden in every girl, and graceful silhouettes emphasize the fragile curves of the feminine figure.

The Asymetrie line meets romantic lace, a combination of beige powder with midnight black and of course a seductive asymmetry. A mix of different textures and styles creates a rebellious mood and appeals to the sensuality of the owner of such underwear. Fantasy bodysuit - cherry on a cake of the seductive Asymetrie line.

Noeuds et Merveilles - a line in hot pomegranate color. Smooth to the touch fabric, delicate tulle and streamlined edges create a false impression of innocence, but the seductive bow reveals the true, sexual energy of Noeuds et Merveilles.

Caractere is a seduction on the verge of pomp. Lace, a Scottish cage, massive fasteners borrowed from male suspenders - the line is saturated with sexuality and confident self-centeredness, which insists that all attention should be given only to a luxurious female body.

The Encens Moi line is designed to give the daily look a special airiness: soft tulle, light draping - translucency throughout. Encens Moi is available in two colors: in a rich shade of sea blue and in animalistic leopard colors.

Addicte is the unity of femininity and looseness: charming ruffles and thin striped straps play in contrast with a fantasizing mesh and a half-open bra cup. The line is inspired by sports chic, and seeks to show the romantic, sexy side of comfortable lingerie. The shade of ginger, powdery pink and black colors make up a playful palette, whose name is Addicte.

The Ephemere line is a mysterious midnight garden whose flowers bloom to showcase the graceful facets of a female silhouette. Pink petals against a hopeless black sky will touch on the subtle theme of romance and lust.

In the Urbaine line, it is easy to recognize the dream of a stylish minimalist. Calm basic shades and laconic decor in the form of cobwebs of coarse mesh will be ideal for both an important occasion and everyday self-confidence. Ivory, charcoal black and an uncompromising shade of khaki will fit into any wardrobe, and given the seamlessness of Urbaine underwear, they will also remain invisible under clothes.

The fall-winter collection would be incomplete without pantyhose and stockings, golfs and socks with a piquant design: mesh, sexy, imitating the design of stockings, pantyhose prints, sports motifs borrowed from the Addicte line - the hosiery collection is inspired by female power and feminism.

It's easy to fall in love with the provocative Chantal Thomass fall-winter collection - you can do it with maximum comfort and pleasure in the boutiques of luxurious lingerie Chantal and the online boutique Chantal store.

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