Australian opals in the new SOVA Moonlight collection

What if a rainbow could be caught? Or skip the moonlight through your fingers? What if in the hands could concentrate the memory of the ages? Close your eyes. Do you feel it?

They say it is enough to clearly present what they want, and it will come true. SOVA jewelers have embodied the most fantastic fantasy in a precious stone. They dedicated a new collection to Australian disgrace, a valuable mineral that appeared under water billions of years ago. It was discovered only in the 19th century, and fell in love with an amazing rainbow shine, which no other stone possesses anymore.

Every Australian opal is unique. Stones differ from each other in a unique play of colors, for which jewelers are especially appreciated. In addition, opals are literally attached to their owners: the jewelry must be worn more often - so it absorbs moisture from the skin, which ensures its durability. If there is no reason to wear opals regularly, from time to time they should be wetted in clean water.

For the fragility and unique radiance of Australian opals, the new SOVA collection received the name Moonlight - moonlight. To emphasize the beauty of stones, jewelers delicately framed them with white and yellow gold. The brand remained faithful to brevity: every jewelry - whether it be long earrings, pendant or ring - is designed to unobtrusively complement the images. The focus is only precious opals and your mood to enjoy the wonders of nature.
The Moonlight collection is already available on the website:


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