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S.P.O.R.T & A.R.T at Gulliver mall

The shopping center Gulliver opens up a new sport for visitors - sport as an art. It turns out that between them there are no boundaries or differences. Both are expressions of the universal language of power, beauty and emotion.

The project S.P.O.R.T & A.R.T, which will be held on the territory of the shopping center Gulliver - this is a series of meetings with representatives of various sports arts, where they will share their stories of victories and defeats, the most motivating stories from their lives. They will reveal the secrets of whether a baseball player, a sprinter, a football player or a boxer is an artist just like a ballet dancer, swordsman and gymnast, as well as show the real art of his sport in the central atrium.

The project will include meetings:

  • Cheerleading show is one of the most spectacular sports. It is safe to say that cheerleading in our country is inextricably linked with the dance team ReD FOXES. It was they who first began to work seriously in this direction, and now they are permanent participants in international events.
  • Meeting with the Ukrainian Bear Grylls. Goltis is a professional Ukrainian traveler, an athlete, a specialist in survival in extreme situations, a commander of the Ukrainian team of extreme sports, EQUITES, who lands in all sorts of wild places and shows how to survive and find help. During his life, Goltis managed to visit more than one hundred countries of the world, to try on a lot of professions.
  • Meeting with artistic gymnasts, where the athlete for the demonstration of art is his own body.
  • And other representatives of sports art

The first meeting with the cheerleading team will take place on April 12 in the central atrium of the Gulliver mall

In total there will be 6 meetings, which means 6 unique opportunities to open and become interested in sports from the other side, the side of art.

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