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Be in the ART with the Khanenko Museum

We are happy to invite you to the opening of the exhibition.

9th of March,  6pm. GULLIVER Shopping Mall (the Central Atrium)

The art transcends time and space, gives inspiration and motivates to know the world. Works of art reflect the "faces" of the eras through the costumes of their heroes. Fashion repeats itself cyclically; thus, many modern trends were originated in the past.

A unique project presented by GULLIVER in collaboration with the Khanenko Museum invites you to find these parallels. Ten selected works of art will acquaint with the subtleties of world historical fashion. Their interactive reproductions are located in the central atrium of GULLIVER Shopping Mall and are equipped with an audio guide. So they will "tell us":

Why are girls and gentlemen dressed in black in the portraits of "old masters"?
How to distinguish Japanese geisha from a noblewoman by accessories?
Was the famous Spanish Infanta’s dress comfortable?
What know-how did the Venetians come up with to decorate lace?
Why was a "millstone" collar needed?

Use the mask on your smartphone and learn this and much more.
You will hear a comment on each image. Five of them will be "brought to life" and invite you to take a selfie to get into a character.   
We offer you an amazing experience. Our project will open you a new look at works of art as well as transform everyday shopping into a real intellectual quest.

Be in the ART!

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