Gulliver Bowling

Wishing to combine rest and sports, go to Gulliver Bowling! You will find 24 tracks of Brunswick brand, children's paths, a zone of comfort and relaxation with sofas and puffs, a bar with cocktails, drinks and a kitchen. Gulliver Bowling is a combination of positive, communicative and playful moods. Here you can distract from your worries, get a charge of vivacity and positive energy, and also create a private party or corporate, renting a room at a convenient time for you. Professional instructors will tell you about the technique of the game, and incendiary music against the background of the game will raise morale and lead you to victory.

Please contact us:

Reservation of bowling tracks: 044-364-84-64, +38 067 220 52 22

Administrator: +38 067 220 54 44