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Together cheaper at ISEI: face and home care

Form a check from 2 selected positions and get -25% for the purchase *. The receipt must contain goods from the categories:

  • Face care (with the exception of disposable fabric masks).
  • Household chemicals or hair care.

How to buy at ISEI?

It's simple: look at the nearest ISEI store, choose your favorite products for face and home care and go to the cashier - for discounts! A detailed list of products participating in the action can be checked with the sellers-consultants of the ISEI network.

How to buy in the online store?

To make it more convenient for you, we have allocated each promotional item with the label “Together is cheaper”. Look for makeup products and household chemicals in the catalogs of the ISEI online store, add the goods you like to the basket and make a bargain.

Attention! The discount on goods for the “Together cheaper” promotion is not automatically calculated.

Wait for the call from the manager of the ISEI online store who will issue your individual discount and will announce the total amount of the order.

ISEI: you are inimitable. Your house is shining!

* The promotion is valid in all ISEI stores from 02/19/2020 to 02/27/2020. For the period of the promotion in retail stores and on the ISEI website there are discounts of -25% on the selected assortment. Promotion details and a detailed list of products participating in the promotion, check with ISEI store sales consultants.

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