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Reserved I Can Boogie: the third part of the autumn campaign Reserved

The third part of the autumn campaign, Reserved I Can Boogie, is a very sensual finale that closes a series of films filmed for Reserved by Gordon von Steiner. "Randez-vous" (Rendezvous) slows down the pace to give way to a completely new interpretation of the song. This time, we will hear the song "Boogie" performed by one of the stars of the campaign - Joanna Kulig (Joanna Kulig). She is accompanied only by a piano in ambient, jazz style. The French star Zhanna Damas (Jeanne Damas) is presented as a listener this time.

The romantic and sensual version of "I Can Boogie" is a statement of the interaction of views and gestures. This collection of impressions on the brink of dreams and reality, it shows the struggle between the main characters, resembling the tango of the 1930s. Who leads and who is left? What is the message of all this? A modern woman can choose her role both in dance and in life. In the film, Jeanne and John are very contrasted, one of them dressed in a black stylish dress, the other-a large shirt, which is allegedly taken from a man's wardrobe.

The sensational dance of our heroines, which takes place in a stylish music club, announces the new capsule collection of Reserved Premium. Black and white tones, lots of borrowings from the men's wardrobe, eternal classics and unsurpassed female charm. The accent and the chip of the new collection are premium materials of premium quality. Expect and soon it will appear in Ukraine.

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