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LOVE YOU: new jewelry brand of gifts for loved ones

The first store was opened on August 1, 2020. Now there are 17 locations in 9 cities.

The most beautiful words about love have long been said by the classics, so today it remains for us to act. The new jewelry brand LOVE YOU was created to always have something to surprise and ignite the eye, to express sincere friendship and tenderness, to thank and confess your love.

At the beginning of February, LOVE YOU, together with the creative agency ANGRY, launched the "Listen to the Heart" campaign: to inspire more often to listen to the inner call that never changes. People of different ages and genders became heroes: mother and daughter, boyfriend and girlfriend, girlfriends. Their palms are folded in the shape of a heart - a gesture that arises automatically when we are overwhelmed with warm feelings.

The philosophy of the brand is that you should not wait for a special opportunity to express love to your loved ones, parents, friends, children, or yourself. Feel - act, moreover, your feelings, imprinted in gold or silver, will remain with your dear person forever.

The LOVE YOU style is an updated classic. Chains, earrings, rings can be worn every day: they will go with any clothes and will suit your face, like love itself. Even if you are not yet aware of your own feelings, or do not dare to express them, LOVE YOU jewelry can be the first step towards rapprochement. In addition, the first collection of the brand is so fragile that the products seem weightless.

Today, 17 locations of the LOVE YOU jewelry house have already been opened; boutiques can be visited in 9 cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk, Ternopil, Vinnitsa, Kharkov, Chernigov, Odessa and Dnipro. The interiors of the spaces are made in the corporate shades of pink, blue and blue, symbolizing various manifestations of love from dreamy love to deep feelings. But each of them decorates in a special way.

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