Collection "Autumn-Winter 2018" in Petit Bateau

For its Autumn/Winter 2018 collection, Petit Bateau found inspiration in Land Art, after a visit the designers and graphic artists took over a year ago to the estate of Chaumont-sur-Loire. The team tapped into inspiration and creativity in the landscapes and materials offered by nature all throughout this journey.

      This collection comes together thanks to a deep, warm color range graced with a glowing caramel, a “matte” gold, a luminous yellow, a mysterious dark green and an intense red. A perfect palette for an enchanted winter!

       Petit Bateau offers a new style: a warm windbreaker for little ones and grownups too, liberating and comfortable while providing lots of protection! Out iconic raincoats are dipped into a brand new palette of colors with a new hue for the season: gold, to brighten the rainiest days.

      This season honors nature and enchantment with original pieces in new materials and colors that will make each item in the collection an indispensable part of our wardrobes.

      A winter full of nature, warmth and wonder, with Petit Bateau!

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