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Gulliver celebrates its 5th anniversary

On October 20, the highest shopping and entertainment center of Ukraine Gulliver is preparing to celebrate his 5 years at the height

Exactly five years ago, one of the tallest buildings in the city appeared in the very center of the capital, where part of the floors occupied a large shopping and entertainment center. Gulliver was a real gift for the city and its inhabitants.

Because the fifth anniversary of Gulliver decided to celebrate in a big way and on top! October 20, the celebration program will begin at 12:00. On each floor of the Gulliver there will be holiday activities and gift draws. The main characters of the central stage will be the star presenters of M1 - Mila Yeremeeva and Denis Khristov. During the day, guests of the festival will be able to see the performance of the show-ballet Divas dance, as well as Ukrainian artists: KISHE, OTorvald, Dside Band, TamerlanAlena, Dilemma, Aviator, Osadchuk, NL Nikita Lomakin. The headliner of the holiday - FLY PROJECT, the authors of the brightest songs, under which they dance all over the world.

On this day, the WOW-art zone will be established on the 2nd floor, where from 10:00 to 22:00 everyone who makes a purchase from 200 UAH will be able to get an opportunity to win a prize. And to make purchases on this day will be a pleasure, since in many stores there will be holiday discounts. Orientation at a discount will help the appropriate stickers on shop windows. Also, in addition to the prize zones, visitors to the shopping and entertainment center will be able to win quite a few prizes, taking part in various activities with interesting tasks.

For his little visitors, Gulliver also prepared nice gifts and surprises. On the 1st floor you can make instant, bright photos for memory. On the 3rd floor - auto racing on exercise bikes. On the 4th floor are located: aquagrim, a game zone of Barbie and Hot Wheels. On the 5th floor, there are electric tools to have fun and learn physics and a planetarium where children learn interesting facts about the universe. But the main action of the birthday party awaits guests, of course, in the evening. At 18:00 on the stage will be held a solemn draw of a super prize - a Subaru Outback 2018 car, a variety of cool prizes from partners and a headliner performance - FLY PROJECT

Prepare a good mood - you are all invited to the feast!

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