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Body: fall-winter 19/20 trends

Body is a vivid example of the fact that luxury and comfort can exist in perfect balance. And so that this combination is also fashionable, it is important to recall a few basic trends that relate to this charming wardrobe element.

Floral motifs

Timid buds, delicate flower petals - these floral motifs, beaten by stunning lace or guipure, will make the image sensual and romantic. Models from Aubade, Chantelle and DKNY will guide you to the world of comfort and enjoyment of your own body.

Magic of transparency

The combination of thick fabric and translucent tulle is the most trendy mix in the lingerie world in 2020. These half-hints, which slightly expose the body, but hide the skin texture, make it possible to make the image whole and light, because in this case there will be no sensation of “a thousand and one layers” of clothing. The provocative models Chantal Thomass, DKNY and sophisticated Chantelle give femininity a special charm.

Lingerie or clothes?

A bodysuit that one does not want to hide under clothes is a hot trend of 2020. This wardrobe element, beaten by strict culottes, a jacket and massive accessories, asks to embark on a free swim. The marlies | dekkers bodysuit is best suited for such bold decisions - the strength and rebellious spirit that imbues brand models will inspire even those who are new to experimenting with.

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