Be a nice human

World initiative for good deeds Happy Tuesday

Help is always appropriate, help is always needed. In 2018, Ukraine officially joined the World Charity Movement #GivingTuesday.

The SOVA jewelry house has joined the worldwide initiative of good affairs. Together with #ЩедрийВівторок – an all-Ukrainian day of good affairs, which will be held for the first time on November 27, 2018, SOVA jewelers have developed a limited collection of silver pins with engraving "Be a nice human".

150 hryvnas. from the sale of each decoration will be credited to the Tabletocki Fund. This is a small step to great good deeds.

"Openness is one of the values of the SOVA jewelry house. We are very pleased to be part of an initiative that opens up good hearts. "Be a nice human" is not just words, it's the style of life we seek "

Anna Koval, marketing director of SOVA

"To be good – it's fashionable and useful for health. If the sleek cross always reminds us of the most important, then the ornament Be a nice human – that we every day have to adhere to the sides of the light. To help is normal. To help is to be a man and to feel an important part of this world, "says Maria Artemenko, Project Manager #ЩедрийВівторок in Ukraine.

Such good deeds, Friends!

SOVA jewelry house is a jewelry brand that not only responds to world trends, but also creates them as a trendsetter in the Ukrainian market. The idea of forming a jewelry wardrobe for modern women is a leitmotif in all collections of a jewelry house. SOVA – the only brand in the Ukrainian market that collectively suits the creation of jewelry.

SOVA is a quality and stylish jewelry that can be updated every season, complementing your image. Re-thinking of classical forms, a fresh look at trends, relevance and style.

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