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Lingerie collection Aubade autumn / winter 2018-19

Attractiveness is manifested in creativity, sensuality, and the quest for freedom. French designers brand Aubade embody the diversity of femininity in the luxurious underwear of the autumn-winter collection.

The brand Aubade was founded in Paris in 1958. At that time, the underwear was only functional accessory Claude Pascie ventured to a new concept and first applied various color combinations. Every year the brand represented a successful innovation, inevitably combining fashion, comfort and temptation. For 60 years, creators Aubade is working hard to predict and satisfy women's desires and expectations. Lady in the style of Aubade loves and lover. She is strong and tender. Seductive underwear Aubade a l`Amoure in
black and sensual red, made of charming lace and decorated with tulle and hippie. Line combines panties and bras, in particular models with cups up to size G.
Revealing the essence of femininity and admiring the beauty of the naked body, designers Aubade updated the most delicate Nudessence line. Lightness, simplicity and attractiveness reflect key trends - confidence and naturalness. Lingerie in black color is decorated with lace and inserts of tulle. For a weekend go to the city and enjoy the autumn romance. Diversify melancholy poetic season line of underwear Femme Romantique. Not to say goodbye to floral motifs before
Spring designers placed them on a neutral background. Models with embroidery, seductive details, flattering
lace and bow ties will add a special mood to adventure. Aubade has prepared a flashback and embodied the vintage atmosphere in the Femme Aubade line. The brand legacy is full history and enchantment, inspired the creation of lingerie in black and pale pink, with lace riuschami, playful bow and shining crystals.
Why not appoint a loved one in a luxurious hotel room. Add glamor to the evening champagne, aromatic candles and Lingerie Femme Glamor. A combination of black jacquard and golden Atlas - elegant and attractive!
The woman in the style of Aubade gives the will of fantasy and desire. She chooses models with attractive accents.
Embroidery craftsman, leather parts, lacing with golden rings - Femme Sensuelle line combines all for temptation.
Soie d'Amour silk home and sleeping apparel embodies the best of relaxed relaxation ideas. Black silk decorated with a blue lace with floral motifs, the back of some models is tightened with a thin lacing.
The line offers night shirts, tops, shorts and a gown-kimono.

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